Integrity • Protection • Service

At Pro west Security we work towards solutions that focus on our clients to the point of meeting specific security needs working with any organization to fit the level of services most require for their sites.


This simple ethic has been the standard factor which has led to a host of advancements and enabled us to set or exceed even higher standards of service.

Our Professional staff has significant experience in meeting the security specializing services in:

Educational Institutions

Events & Graduations

Emergency Services

Financial Institutions

Hospitality & Tourists

Mobile Patrol

Commercial Facilities

Retail Environments

Industrial Environment

Travel Security

The presence of a professionally trained, vigilant and responsive security guard can have many benefits. In addition to the primary purpose of protecting the person(s) or property a guard can represent a serious deterrent to anyone considering an act of criminal activity to trespass or damaged ones property.

Customized Services

Pro West Security recognize the importance of each small detail, from the impeccable appearance of every guard assigned to our clients sites, to the subtle change in your security that can be increased its effectiveness.


Pro West Security has served clients across a broad range of industries however; no two client’s needs are the same, even within the same industry. At Pro West Security; we approach each client’s relationship with unique attention and build a system to fit individual needs

Customer Service

Security is about trust. It is also about maintaining a fluid relationship. Once we have adapted to the change and develop newer methods to improve effectiveness through our customer service improvement programs, we solve problems before they start, using formal reviews, regular inspections and measurable performance surveys that are conducted every 6 months.


Pro West security has created a mobile patrol team, to ensure that a Supervisory Support team is available to respond to any situation during the any time of the day or night. Management team structures to offer support to its site or guard at any given moment. With a manager available every night 24 hours to meet our clients’ services needs.

Pro West Security offers a variety of services, from patrols, site inspections, vehicle escorts, check points, VIP escorts to VIP detail offering variety of solutions that can assist our customers anytime.

Here at Pro West Security, we offer more then just security. We offer quality trained guards who perform services to what our clients expect. Each guard is trained towards customer service being priority. Working many special environments from Constructions, looking towards the future of our customers and clients.

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