About Us

Pro West Security is committed to the delivery of high quality, customer focus services.

We believe in positioning resources at a local level closet to where a client needs. We aim to achieve a client’s expectations by providing the best customer services with professional solutions with security and a peace of mind.

Pro West Security strives to use every aspect of our management resources to ensure that all guards receive the best of quality of training.

Our company utilizes every resource for best training for the guards employed with this organization. Our management team working closely together with the clients provides the best customer service, with quality guards’ coverage. Especially short notice requirements, meeting beyond every expectation.

All resources are made available to our clients and guards. Making ourselves available for any and all situations from short notice call-out retails, fire watch restoration, strikes and much more. Working hand-in-hand with larger security outfits or providers with our resources and staffing.

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